Vuse Vibe is Back! Is it still as good as it was?

Vuse Vibe is Back! Is it still as good as it was?

Finally! One of our personal favorites is back on the market. After an unfortunate recall, resulting from a design flaw with the battery, Vuse Vibe is finally back on the market, and we're here to answer the question on everyone's minds, is it still good? Well, I'll make it simple for you, yes it's still good. To be honest, this wasn't much of a surprise to me, considering the recall didn't have anything to do with the cartridges or the juice itself, but with the battery specifically. From my understanding, the juice cartridges simply waited for the battery redesign without seeing any real changes, other than packaging, which now sports a large warning label, per FDA regulations.

Let's take the Vuse Vibe Original flavor for a spin, and make sure that it's still just as good. Right away you're hit with the familiar strong tobacco taste, followed by a noticeable nicotine hit. This isn't a basic fruity flavor, by no means. It packs a punch and takes no prisoners, and that's exactly what we want from Vibe. Vuse Vibe gained its popularity with the help of its solid lineup of flavors, that focused their flavors to be more comparable to traditional cigarettes, than deciding to tackle deserts and soft drinks. The result is simply the best way to kick that nasty cigarette habit with the help of something that tastes similar and pulls just as good.

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Tameka - February 14, 2020

Good morning when will you get the vuse vibe tropical and Melon it? I need about 10 of each

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