Mr Fog Pods Mint 4ct

by Mr Fog

Prime Flavor: Mint

Ingredients:  Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Flavoring, Benzoic Acid & Nicotine 

Package Included: Mr Fog Mint 4 Compatible Pods

Each Pod Contains: 1mL of Liquid with 60mg salt nic

Stop searching forever, happiness in ensconced in the Mr Fog Pods Mint. If you’re looking for a justification, consider the fact that this product contains within a minty flavor that is strong enough to make your senses forget about what flavors they have previously encountered. This flavor is strong enough to adjust the sails of your palate by revitalizing it and reinvigorating it in ways it never conceived of, rendering them youthful once again. The medium bodied goodness depicted herein boasts a firm thickness in the vapor it yields, emulating the standards of some of the most luxurious designer concoctions available on the market. Mr Fog Pods never overthrows the senses, allowing them to experience the gentles of the pervasion of flavor without feeling like there is ever too much.

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